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cathedral rock

Okay, apparently the time has come to journey to the center of Cathedral. In the picture above, on the left the two middle spires beginning just below the left one is what geologist call a volcanic intrusion. Volcanic rock has a very high mineral content, iron manganese, magnesium, cobalt and much more. this intrusion connects strongly with another one way out in the valley called Vision butte. This makes cathedral quite different then the other vortices of Sedona. Think of the core of a satellite dish. I am not going to pore forth a lot of mental rubbish about what this means. What is important is if it means something to you, and you are drawn to pilgrimage to this place. Its very much like people being called to Devil's Tower in the movie Close Encounters of The Third Kind. The healing work I do with people is entirely about me getting out of the way. Its intuitive, spontaneous. The only credit I can take is getting out of the way and becoming a hollow bone.So I have to listen and resonate with what is there. Well, Cathedral rock is there very strongly. In my 16 years here as a guide this has never been the case. So there you have it.You will know simply by looking at these pictures. You might just slip into the place between breaths.

The route is up through the center of the dish on a rocky, steep, bushwhacking trail. A route undoubtedly created by animals making there where to the center..There is an easier route from the back with views of thousands of homes. But this is about the journey. If you are not in shape you are going to pant. This is not for tourist, but for true pilgrim.



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