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These are Journeys of the greater Sedona area, one of the most beautiful places in the world. A place not only rich in color and texture, but where one is surrounded by the ancestral forces of rock and people. It's easy to have that experience of having left the ordinary world behind and stepping into the non-ordinary world.
Because the natural world here has such a strong presence, it invites us to be present also. The natural world is particularly a mirror of our own soul. Thunder and lightning, rivers that rage or gently meander, trees shimmering in the breeze with sunlight. Blue skies and gray skies are mirrors of our own moods, emotions and energies. We visit sacred places to remember who we are in the whisper of the wind, the rhythm of the drum, the song of the flute and in the grace of silence. I can't tell you how many times people have entered one of these places and their return home is mirrored in the tears that fill their eyes. I get to have the deep pleasure of taking people to these doorways. Our souls yearn for this connection that gets lost in the busy-ness of life. Sedona is most visibly known for its Red Rocks. But there are secret places of sacred resonance that are white, blue-black, white buff, light brown, shades of orange and green hues. As Rumi, the great poet says, "Walk out like someone suddenly born into color ".
We might journey to the Little Grand Canyon and hike along sycamore creek, to fairy springs, or go up into the clouds, the top of Mingus, 4,000 feet above the Valley below, a Stepping stone to heaven, sacred to Yavapai and Apache. Or the call of rock heaven will draw us to the river for healing and grounding before we journey to one of the many medicine circles, spiritual doorways into the great mystery that will also meet us in the Cave of The Heart where there is a circular window between worlds. Whatever we do and wherever we go, you can be certain that the land will work its magic on you. And maybe I can help things along as we stand or sit in communion with a sense of wonder and awe.
The journey selections below are just different ways of experiencing the land. The ones you are drawn to tell me what you are seeking. From there we create the experience that serves you, ultimately by surrendering to what the moment calls for.

Each journey or experience contains the others. How could it be other wise?
Becoming the land is Gathering Power and helps us discover and awakens us to the Sacred Places that are all around us, which in their most tangible, touchable form are expressions of the Elements. So how could anyone of them not be a Journey of The Elements. These are all actions of surrender by which we Come To The Center of the circle of one. All a Stepping Stone To Heaven. My intention in all of these experiences is to take people into a feeling place where they are the source of their own truth and inspiration, where in the simple act of opening to what is within and without one is empowered and come home to the sacred place within.
Please check the Soul Journey listings below that give more detail about where we go and what we do.
Keep in mind these are private, personal tours, journeys and experiences tailored to your interests, needs, and intentions for being here. So leap into a world without definition and let the moment of our meeting guide us. Until then . . . walk in Beauty.
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