Healing The Dream Body



The body is like a wonderful flute. And we are here to let the great spirit come singing through us, each with our own wonderful song. No two flutes alike. There maybe a limited amount of notes, yet as composers have demonstrated from the inception of their art, the beginning of time, those notes can come together in an infinite number of ways. Just like people, the wood, the stone, even the plastic of the flute can come from so many different places on the earth. Eastern Cedar is not the same as western Cedar. Walnut has a different resonance than birch. You will get more resonance from a wood flute than a stone flute. Its best not to be too hard. Soft woods have the most resonance. As people it is better to be soft with a strong resonance so that our song can travel past the limitations of who we think we are and ripple through the world. We harden to protect ourselves. It can start in the mind with a thought or belief and then it finds its way into the body. And so this wondrous instrument known as body is a doorway to the soul. This Healing the Dreambody is about softening to the forgotten sacred within us that we have come to fear. We fear our own feelings, our own music. We seem to harden to the world, but this hardening is to our most intimate and deep pain. But like a deep spring freed to water the hardened earth pain becomes life giving rain perhaps as a flow of tears down the hill of our cheeks.

The holes of
abstract.JPG (25879 bytes)the flute are centers in the body that get gummed up with old trauma and pain. We get out of harmony and our song seems to leave us. Or the channel through which the spirit of one moves gets tied in a series of knots that becomes a pattern of protection. These knots are woven from the fabric of thoughts / beliefs and the elemental substance of emotions.The Dream body session is an untying of these knots so the beauty of our song sings forth. When your soul's song can fly like an un caged bird you become the sky and there is only the song of creation.

I have found this to be an excellent companion to the Soul Journey sessions. It helps move us into the dream time territory. As you lie on your back in a magnetic field, plumes of sage move through you invite / allow a softening. The oil of pine or frankincense, sandalwood, fir or orange are smelled and this blood of plants joins with your blood and this blood meets the mind and the soul and the spirit, there is a whisper from within let go, let go. And maybe you can't let go, or you are aware of the geography of your body where faults tremble and old icebergs of pain float. Or a memory, or emotion surfaces.

I may be using the fiery energy of the stone people, singing bowls, chanting, flute, rattles separately or in combination,while interchangeably my hands will be drawn to knots in your core to encourage opening in the dream body. I may enter this space and speak in its language to help you hear it, to help you give it breathe so you may open this door, so that you may go through the doorway. Your awareness is an important component.

These session are not Set in Stone. There no formula, no map, no technique but surrender. Every Body different. I may give voice abundantly to what wants to be heard . . . I may not. It is not my decision. "Who's then", you ask. Good question. I don't have an answer.

I will be gathering information, so-ul to speak, and sharing what might be helpful to encourage release. Opening physically facilitates opening emotionally and vice versa. This has a lot of other benefits like grounding, and the crea
tion of a silent relationship, soul to soul, that will deepen the shamanic counseling session if you intend to experience both. It will help you to arrive here more fully on all levels. But Ultimately my intention is to bring you into the Spirit of ONE, the great ONE. Now let me lighten this up a a bit and say, yes that is a mighty tall order. Well, it would indeed be if I was under the illusion that it is I doing it. Because the truth is you are there all the time whether you know it or not. So I am just reminding you. "Hey, remember who you are?".

Session is $225

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