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What is a greater Sedona tour?
It means views like the one below of a heart stopping gateway into the Verde Valley. I came through this portal for the first time many years ago. In the distance are the red rocks which are the edge of the Colorado plateau also known as the Mogollon rim. There is a road that winds down through this canyon of 1.8 billion year old rhyolite. This is one of the power places that we may visit on our journey. tour
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Sedona There are so many wonderful places in the Greater Sedona area: We can tour the bottom of canyons near creeks with water so clean you can drink it; on the top of mountains with views like this surrounded by ponderosa pine. Places of the ancient ones where the earth sends out its healing songs. My Sedona tours include a great variety of journeys whether you are looking for something scenic, informative, spiritual or just plain fun. Come join me on a tour and explore the wonder and mystery of Arizona.
It is certainly one of the most beautiful lands in the world. A place not only rich in color and texture, but where one is surrounded by the ancestral forces of rock and people. It's easy to have that experience of having left the ordinary world behind and stepping into the non-ordinary world. This in itself can bestow a wondrous gift of spiritual grace..Because the natural world here has such a strong presence, it invites us to be present also. The natural world is particularly a mirror of our own soul. Thunder and lightning, rivers that rage or gently meander, trees shimmering in the breeze with sunlight. Blue skies and gray skies are mirrors of our own moods, emotions and energies.

It's as if we are walking through a living soul journey. Without needing to understand how or why. Even though we are just on a greater Sedona tour if we just practice this becoming the land we receive its gift.We are choosing to feel the many emotional textures of the world around us and to let it into our core where it can resonate with those lost parts of ourselves. If we welcome this into the heart of our pain, we can become more resonant and radiant with our own truth, our soul. It's as if the natural world provides us with a multiplicity of vibrational remedies for the soul. It is indeed a tour of the soul.

Natural herbal remedies are no longer a secret to most people. There probably exists or did exist a natural remedy for every ailment on the earth. Not only as a physical substance which pharmaceutical companies have found chemical equivalents for, but as the vibrational substances which is the science of homeopathy and flower essences. The natural world is resonant with the energies we have chosen to deny in ourselves. It is indeed music to the soul, and the music of the soul. This is the healing aspect of visiting sacred places. This practice of becoming in the natural world translates into soulfulness. So go to a mountain top and stretch out your arms. Become the mountain and let the sky in. Go to the stream and lie down amongst the rocks and the rapids and let it flow into all the spaces. Or stand in the rain and drink it in with your heart. Come join me on a greater Sedona tour.


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