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In Sedona there are many sacred places and sites. You will hear the word vortex or vortices. Words that were first popularized in this context beginning in 1979. Think more of power spot, or what the aborigines call a "hot spot", or doorway into the great mystery. They are all over the world. If you visit this area when you go back home seek out the special spots near you. Learn about the geology and ancient history. Walk the land, especially those secret places that are still undisturbed. Pick up a dowsing rod and see what you find out. In the end it is what you feel. Trust it. Know that wherever you live they are there. You just have to find them, seek them out. Go now and find them.

These spots on the back of the fawn, (As the Hopi describe them), are truly doorways into a world that is resonate with the answer to the question "Who am I". An answer that is full of the beauty and mystery that is gifted to us by this prayerful land. The Navajos would say that different Holy Beings inhabit or infuse these lands. And so each location is a presence that sings a silent song, echoing from the home of all creation. These buttes, mesas, canyons and mountains invite us to open our hearts and hear the song that returns us to our true home. Chant the word home and you sing the ancient sound that takes you home. Quite honestly, every tour or journey on the land I do with people is a tour of holy land, of sacred places . How could it be otherwise, as we travel through the songs of the earth? I am a host of this land for visitors like you. One of my songs Arizona, Arizona expresses how I feel in this line: "Its a religion without a name". It is my calling and pleasure to share with you the many, many earthly doorways to the heavenly presence of the great mystery. This sharing I do through stories, song, music, ceremony, silence and being. Sometimes it is in the silence that people receive the greatest gifts. My hope is that through sharing myself through my words it tells you more than a linear descriptive itinerary. Hear the names of some of destinations: Prayer Butte, Chanting Rock Canyon, The Little Grand Canyon, Medicine wheel of fire And Sky, Medicine Wheel of Earth Encircled, Sacred Mesa, Stepping Stone to Heaven, Vision Butte . . . We can't see them all and the fact is we don't need to do we? All of my journeys are private, so we will go where you and I are called to go, to songs that serve your reason for being here. The popularized vortices are but a few of magical spots in this area. You can easily get to them on your own in a rental car. I want to take you to doorways that you would never go to on your own. Where we won't run into a caravan of pink jeeps or crowds of people. So join me on a sacred, intimate journey on this precious land. And remember, these places of power are not necessarily the ones that "wow the eyes". They mysteriously help you surrender to the "home within".

Keep in mind that all my offered experiences are private.
They are tailored to your interests and needs. Separate tour descriptions are
intended to be combined when that is your desire.

Circle In Canyon Of the Holy Beings

vortexTop of Vision Butte

Journey circle

Ancient rock art throughout the world depict
Labyrinths, journey symbols, and mazes.

4 hours
$125.00 per person (With 3-6 )
$165.00 per person (for two people)
$285.00 ( one person)






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