Ceremony on the Land

"Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel in prayer" - Rumi


In the ancient wisdom teachings we honor the precious web of life of which we are all a part. And in the honoring of that web, the Most Divine moves through our lives in harmony, beauty, and abundance - into wholeness. Moving through our lives in a state of prayer, mindful of the holiness of each day and of all things. prayer is God's work, God's gift. Present as our Creator, loving life into us, sustaining and working in us. The Breath within breath, in every heartbeat, every expanse of physical, sexual and psychic energy, every thought, hope and desire, every decisiion. when we are conscious of this presence, of God being in and around us in all things, we are in prayer. When we are aware that we move and love in the breadth of this Beeing, we are in prayer. When we are conscious of God's energy and touch, we are in prayer. In prayer, we are not called to support or enrich God, but to listen, to be fed and strengthened by Holy Presence. Prayer is a deep listening, a deep awareness in the physical world, a journey beyond the five senses. Beyond our human concepts of God, it becomes an opening of our awareness of all that is, all beings, energies, and things in the sacred circle of life - our connectedness to our Great Mystery.


Ceremony is our soul's prayerful expression of presence, awareness, and truth. It commands our presence, pulling us into the present moment. In that holy moment, there is no where else to go, nothing else to be. It holds the sacred space for us to come home to our center, our Source. Our real power emanates from a force that is in us, but not of us. Spiritual practice heals us, bringing light to our regions of darkness. Dropping our illusions is a healing in itself. Within each of us there is a core - our essence, our true being. That is the place of God who is within us. Revealing that essence is our return to God. It is the purpose in our lives, and even our most painful experiences can serve that purpose. In Ceremony on the Land, together we enter the dwelling places of this land and of our souls. We become one with the Earth as we hike this sacred land to an ancient cliff dwelling, where in ceremony we move through our interior tabernacle with intention, forgiveness, surrender, and rebirth. We hear the voice of Divine Love resonate within us as we enter that Divine Indwelling and listen. And in that listening, we hear the remembering, the Knowing that lives in us all.



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